Natural selection

Wiki explains Natural selection that it is the gradual, non-random process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers. As known, Darwin had given us this idea that species are adapting to the natural environment in order to keep the ability of reproduction. I think this biological theory can be projected on some other topics, such as architecture. A lot of historical architectural elements had shown us that architecture designers sustain the many basic architectural fabrics; yet many of those had also been abandoned or adjusted. This is how natural selection works in architecture since humans are adapting the nature in a way of changing their living conditions and working spaces regarding to all the happenings in the ecosystem.

Just like environmental design, nowadays, more and more designers have this ecological concern whenever they start their projects. A minimization of artistic value, architectural meaning or social relation is happening to present architecture design. I am not saying architects are abandoning those necessarily; my concern is that it should be hard for architects to balance them within one single building in such a climate in Abu Dubai.(A week of 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 0% chance of rain) Or, what about the natural environment? Is stopping them the only way we can survive? Actually, we have natural selection. Aedas Architects have design the new twin towers, Al Bahar Towers, with this responsive façade to adapt the extreme climate in this area. This façade can move around the building regarding to the sun’s positions; also can open and close for absorbing lights or reducing solar gain.

In deed, like the responsive façade on the Al Bahar Towers, it is an architectural “selected gene” for our benefits. However, I wonder what the building would look like in the next century. Natural selection may suggest that humans will still live on the earth, but with everything and everybody stay inside the boxes we built for stopping the “nature” destroyed by ourselves. Or like Tom Curies, in the movie mission impossible 4, runs in front of sandstorm?



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