Re: Diversifying Architecture

I think that this original post brings up a very key point both on a visual and logical scale.  It is honestly a pet peeve of mine to see a street where every house looks exactly the same as the next.  It almost shows a sense of laziness in my mind that someone was not in the mood to design more than one building and just replicates it.  Not to say that there isn’t obviously a good underlying purpose for designing these homogenous houses and it can be less costly, but seriously try telling me you would want to live here.

I know it’s only an idea, not an actual place, but how easy would it be to get lost here?  Or imagine trying to describe your house to your parents who are visiting for the first time.  It’s going to cause a headache.  It doesn’t surprise me that these areas get hit harder by a recession because there is no sense of individuality.  This is also my knock on Pre-Fab housing.  Although everything is made efficiently and easy to assemble, it’s all repetition.

Homeowners want to feel unique from each other.  Not necessarily better than one another, but different.  I would be willing to bet that nearly everyone that chooses to go for architecture does so because one day they want to design their dream house.  And one persons dream house is highly unlikely to be the same as the next person.  So we need to push for diversity and stay unique.


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