Floating Architecture

After dean Fisher’s lecture about ‘Designing to Avoid Disaster’, I was awakening that architect’s job is not only to designing creative or fancy buildings but also to design for future generation. Future generation meaning as not to inheriting advanced technology or knowledge, but to designing to prevent natural disasters for future generation. We humans are very vulnerable to the nature and we always get damages after the disasters. We are very much aware of this tragedy and we should always be prepare and let that not happen again.

One of the major disasters we confront every year, I would say, flood. Billions of dollars losses because of the flood. Architecture in Holland are showing the rest of the world a way of turning adversity into opportunity. The inevitable rise in sea level (global warming) that comes with climate change is going to make it increasingly difficult to control flooding in low lying lands. But architects in Holland came up with architecture that will float on water.

It is not just floating on the water like a boat but it adjust the level of floating as the river rises. The poles on the corner of the house will make building very stable even though current of water is strong. We are at very first phase of designing floating houses but if we apply strong and flexible materials on the pole, I believe it will prevent also from earthquake and hurricanes.

It is not too late to start designing to avoid disasters.  As a graph shown in dean Fisher’s lecture, our culture will confront collapse if we don’t keep inventing creative technologies. The idea is very simple but nobody tried to done it because they had lack of designing aspects. It is our, architect’s, job to design with many perspectives.




Sources: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=18480769


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  1. I really like the idea of the floating architecture. However, i think it is very impossible to be done; especially in the united states. I know we have all seen in movies or on TV showing places like Africa where they live in a swamp and use boats to get around. I am assuming this is possibility if houses are designed and surrounded by water. However, because people are not used to haunting, fishing, or boating, it would be hard to pull it off in the states. I just can’t imagine that.
    First, boats are too expensive and canoes are not very efficient! It will be impossible for people to live in such area because they will have to own boats or find means of getting around. Secondly, We get way too may Tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding for such system to work here. Let’s say there was a tornado, there would be no basement for people to hide in. Thirdly, in places like Florida where there are lots of alligators and other wild animals that survive on water, it will be impossible to have such system. Imagine a whole city block built around water with alligators in the water. This can be very dangerous for its inhabitants. No one wants to wake up one morning and see an alligator resting on their deck.
    I am not quite sure how such architecture practice can work in the United States. Maybe there is a way. I like the idea but i don’t think it will work.

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