A different kind of disaster

Through watching the film Shigeru Ban: architect for emergencies I began to think of ways to incorporate Shigeru Ban’s other forms of architecture into a different kind of disaster relief.  A lot of Ban’s work has a direct correlation to nature such as the house he designed in Hanegi Forest.  This house most literally is built within the landscape, instead of cutting down the trees to make his structure he made his structure around the trees. According to Ban’s website it was required of hi not to cut down trees, but this house got me thinking why do we as a culture not do this kind of design more?


According to an article written by Brant Olson that in the year 2005 alone a space the size of Ireland was removed of all its trees for uses such as timber, paper and other things.  Now I am not saying we should stop cutting down trees right this minute, but what if we as designers used the approach Ban took in his Hanegi Forest home a little more often? I think that by building with and around nature would prevent a disaster within itself which is that someday we may have no trees or natural environment left.  Not only would this type of design save us trees and forest, it could save us prairie and grassland, ponds and other forms of wildlife.





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