Is that too much?

These picture was taken when I had my visit to Chicago. When I was standing on the extended glass floor of the skydeck on Sears Tower, at that time, maybe I was actually feeling the greatness of architecture or genius of human beings. Yet, all the buildings, structures and urban forms shared the same tone, which was too overwhelming and stressful. I started to think that maybe we actually build too much. Architectural success can be seen in Chicago obviously; however, all these urban constructions have occupied this city and the space. I am arguing that overbuilding is over-consuming, over-wasting and over-destroying instead of creating spaces.

Technology, economic, production make the world grow too quickly to being underneath the term “overbuilding”. This is why we are facing the energy conservation, environmental conservation and more. Since July 2012, Beijing has more than three million residential apartments and houses, about thirty percent of total, remain empty; and they need forty-two years to consume without building more. All the cost of building materials and construction consumption put into these overbuilt structures are not even refunding or being used. We should consume resources to produce any kind of energy to serve or function in someway; however in this case, these empty boxes are not going to be someone’s home in the next forty-two years

It costs more than everything to building this much. The natural environment is damaged by taking raw materials, such as wood, water, and so on. Being honest, we are not consuming; we are actually wasting all these valuable resources. After all, it reminds me Dean Fisher’s book, Designing to Avoid Disaster: The Nature of Fracture-Critical Design, and his lecture, which talk about the reorganization of human beings. Human beings are at the peak of falling; we are in more danger than it appears to us, since we have blocked our sight of how to cooperate with the ecosystem, with being under the fascination that we are the most intelligent species. There are too much to rethink about who we are as we are overbuilding on this planet.



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