Hope for the less priviledged

Who else thinks Shigeru Ban is an awesome architect? I must say that after today’s movie and seeing some of his work, he is one of my favorite international architect. For someone that grew up in another country and having the exposure to how architecture is practiced elsewhere, I thought it was quite unique. The Paper Log House was a genius idea. Not only is this a cheap material that has a second use, it is a material that can be reused. This is the thought of every future architect (Sustainable Architecture). It seemed like a simple idea that required less labor, time and money. I wonder why it isn’t a very popular building material in 3rd world countries where there are insufficient resources to build with more expensive materials.

While I was watching the movie, I was thinking of how such material can be used effectively in eg. Africa. I guess it will take a little more research to see how durable it can be and how it can withstand other elements besides earthquakes. Growing up in Africa, You almost never see a residential building made out of wood; which is a common practice here. The main reason is because the wood will get eaten by termites and the building will fail. However, I recall that, believe it or not, the application of engine oil on wood, prevented termites from eating the wood. I wonder who thought of that. I know this is a material and design method that will be embraced in struggling countries or areas dealing with natural disaster and don’t have enough funding to rebuild; tgiven that the material will withstand any negative element. The paper log house was an interesting study and I appreciate the design technique and material application.


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