Wood Cushion

Wood construction is ever changing, the basic dimensions of straight lumbers are no longer the only methods for wood construction.  As we have seen in many new buildings and skyscrapers the ability and strength of wood is always being tested and pushed to its limits.  The strength is not only the only thing being tested in wood, but also the flexibility of the material.  Flexibility is difficult to accomplish in wood because adding thickness looses the flexibility of the material but if the wood is too thin it looses its strength, so Laro Design has taken on the challenge of finding a loophole in the material properties.

The once hard and straight material properties of wood are evolving into a more comfortable and flexible field, creating various types of possibilities that may have had physical constraints of the material previously.  One of the ways wood has changed into a more dynamic material is by a subtractive method as seen by the project by Laro Design.  The seating design consists of about 500 machine cuts through the wood to create this flexibility and comfort of sitting on a wooden stool or bench.   This idea of creating flexibility is not limited to seating but provides many opportunities in the architectural field to create curving and odd surfaces that may take the place of some other construction materials that are known for their flexible properties and endless shape possibilities.




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