Biomimicry and the Ecological Age

biomimicry in architecture by Michael Pawlyn

Biomimicry is an idea that has been toyed with for years by architects. The problem being that though the thought resides in their minds, the design is either minimal in the overall scheme or falls on the back burner due to a plethora of reasons. There is a

current push for sustainable products as peak oil and water have either been reached or are fast approaching.

Shi Ling bridge by Tonkin Liu Architects

In an article titled, “Biomimicry in architecture and the start of the Ecological Age” by Katie Scott, she talks about the architect Michael Pawlyn who has taken the idea of Biomimicry and formed his design studio around it. He states in his book Biomimicry in Architecture that many of us designers have seen the replica of an termite hill in design but what he pushes is a full integration of Biomimicry in design because it can help to solve many of the issues that we face today in this ever changing landscape.

termite mound

After reading this article and thinking critically about the concept, integrating it in a more full circle approach to design, could help us as designers really begin to established that closed loop cycle that we hear so much about today. If you think about the earth and many of the organisms that inhabit it, they have been around for much longer than the human race and there is a reason for that. We as architects really need to begin to analyze these organisms and the structures that they inhabit and integrate it into our own design practices. Inevitably the future of our practice, as well as the world as a whole, may depend on it.

honeycomb structure


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