Apple’s Glass Cube

Who else thinks apple makes some of the most innovative products in the world? They have produced some of the coolest devices in the world and I wonder what they will be making 10 or 15 years from now? Not only are their products quite innovative, they are now using innovative ideas on their buildings as seen on their 5th Ave glass cube building in Manhattan. A typical glass building or curtain wall building has steel or concrete columns due to the inability for glass to support heavy weight. The original cube design had no problem and some felt the apple company just wanted to show off as stated by one blogger

“There’s no hard business reason to replace the Cube. It wasn’t falling down, tourists weren’t looking at it dismissively, and it won’t lead to an immediate increase in profits. Apple is replacing it for no reason other than that they found they could push the boundaries of glass and have chosen to manifest that innovation.”

I really think this building pushes material and design limit. “The 32-foot structural glass cube marking the store’s entrance makes a bold architectural statement. Housing a transparent glass elevator wrapped by a circular glass stair, the transparent cube beckons potential customers down to the retail level below. By day it is a skylight bringing natural light underground, while at night the lighted cube is a sign.” Yes it might seem like a really simple design because it was only constructed out of 15 panels,  but I must note that it did cost 6.7 million. One might think of a glass structure as a fragile and simple design but this isn’t is your typical glass building. It is able to withstand strong winds and harsh weather. The architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, did an outstanding job with the application of glass on this project by trying something unusual. This building is a tourist attraction and I would encourage anyone that’s in the New York area to check it out.


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  1. fauds004

    There is no doubt that Apple has produced some of the most innovative products in the world today. The first Mac computer was the launching point to all of that, followed by the iPod, the MacBook, the iPhone and the iPad, which captured the attention of everyone who wanted to have a handheld device that can do everything a computer can do, plus more. From a technological standpoint, that’s already pushing the limits by fusing the two together to form the most popular piece of technology world wide, then they decide to create a glass building to even further push the limits.
    Simple can be better, especially in this case when the material that is being used is very fragile, but they were still able to create it to withstand the different climate changes and strong winds. It is hard to even imagine that they would even think of installing a elevator into a building of that nature as well, just because of its overall design. This building is only the start of the innovations that Apple will produce and it also gives architects the confidence to use glass as material that they could use in future building designs.

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