Return to Nature

Since the ancient time, people designed their shelter from the natural elements. However, people started to seek other designs other than the nature which motivated to have architecture boom during the medieval time. Such as Gothic  baroque, and renaissance style of architecture was born during that time. After the industrial revolution, people started to adapt steel and glass in the architecture which resulted modern and futuristic style. However, due to massive energy usage in the modern building, people are seeking natural design again; bio-mimicry.

We do have technologies to create sustainable and energy regenerating buildings but we still want to design the exterior as in nature form. So I am asking question to myself, why is it has to be the nature design? maybe it is because nature form gives us comfortableness psychologically. Additionally, there should be some lessons for the natural design which humans cannot learn from other designs.

It was the nature which taught us how to survive the harsh environment and we are still examining  the ecosystem of nature to learn the secret. If we fully understand the natural system and apply it to the architecture, I believe we will witness the most effective architecture style in the history. Present architecture provides us a safe shelter from the harsh environment but also offers conveniences. Discovering the secret of the nature and applying that to architecture will provide descendants the better life in the future; the ultimate purpose of architecture.


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