“Dangerous” balcony?

Designing functional space for people’s lifestyle is important. Like in ancient Greece, agora, necessarily exists in every city. Residential building design is always practical and essential for the general public, since this kind of building is for creating a space for people make a home in. It is interesting to see how the balconies are being used in every Chinese residential building. According to my knowledge, they are one of the most needed features in a Chinese apartment; people buy it for many purposes, such as enjoying sunshine and drying clothes. However, balconies are also openings for “trouble”.

So, why am I talking about this super useful balcony in Chinese residential buildings? It is because this phenomenon let me wonder that whether architects design whatever people want or give people whatever is safe.

The residential environment in China is difficult because the massive production of residential buildings to meet the population growth and economy booming ignores the fundamental development of natural landscape. That is why balcony becomes a way of living; this architectural feature is more needed in Chinese people than the others, since it is a space that opens indoor life to the outside.

Although making a shelter safety is always the first rule, people in China need balconies more than anything because that is something should be in an apartment. In my perspective, architecture has the responsibility to refine and design whatever is important and needed in people’s life. However, of course, safety is something architects should always concern.


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