Simplicity vs. Complexity

When Steve Jobs came out with IPod with touch-screen pad, people were thinking about his failure and worried about the product because they were not familiar with electronic device without keyboards. When Steve Jobs heard about that, he said “People will be use to it”. Now, as he predicted, it is pretty hard to see a cellphone with keyboards. The IPhone itself has a very simple design but it is the masterpiece from the complexity. I believe without complexity, simplicity cannot exist.

Simple Design of IPhone

When I saw a movie “Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol”, the car with special window intrigued me the most. The window itself had a navigation feature and was able to recognize human as an obstacle. This is no longer future technology but I thought this will be applied in our everyday life. Obviously, it would require a lot of development and the process will be very complex that I cannot ever understand. But I know the result will provide us convenient and simple life.


Like we discussed in today’s lecture, there must be people who seek simple building facades but all of the simplicity comes from the complexity or technology development. That is why I thought the topic for today’s discussion was a little bit odd. Without technological development, there would be no simplicity. 


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