Project Glass

Technology has made its way into glasses, but this time it is not for eye-sight or shading!   Google has brought forth these wearable computer glasses that are designed to use the same Android software that is used for cell phones and ipads.  The glasses will be equipped with GPS, motion sensors, camera, and audio.  There is no longer a need for a cell phone when you can send and receive messages through voice commands and record videos and take pictures with your glasses!  Is technology going too far?  Is the next technological step going to be inserting computer chips and software into our eyeballs or body so that we no longer need these external computers?

The video promoting these glasses shows “One Day” in the life the Google glasses-wearer.  The beginning of the video starts by turning the glasses on then it shows the icons in his field of vision, he goes through different apps like chatting with his friends, using the maps, and checking the weather.  Years ago, I could only imagine how “futuristic” I would have thought this technology was.   While watching this video I felt like I was inside a robotic body with all these different things flashing in front of my eyes.  In two years I can only imagine these glasses being mainstream and being the newest fad.  Leaves me to wonder, how far will technology go?


Project Glass… One Day Google Unveils Their Latest Glass Project


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  1. wils1489

    I read your post and I was very much intrigued so I tried to research the topic but I couldn’t find anything more than the YouTube video that you posted. That made me wonder if this is something that is really in the works right now or a video that someone had annotated to show future possibilities. During my attempt to find more information on this I came across some actual computer glasses that are already on the market called “Gunnars.”

    Gunnars don’t share the same characteristics as the ones that you mentioned above but they are designed around the digital world. The focus of this innovation is to protect the eyes from the digital media over a long period of time using a special glass lens called the i-AMP lens. There have been several benefits to wearing these glasses such as: protects the eyes from the harmful blue lights of a computer screen, reduces glare, creates sharper images, and decreases eye fatigue. This is what drew me in because I was curious as to how can a pair of glasses reduce eye fatigue since I myself wear glasses. What I found out was that the yellow tent that are on the glass reduces all of the harmful blue light and glares but that couldn’t be enough to stop fatigue could it? It’s not; the creators of the product say that it is the way that the lenses have been geometrically shaped. The lenses are shaped to limit the air flow that the eyes receive to maintain moisture. After uncovering that I am interested in getting a pair myself to see if this is true.

    These glasses do more than just reduce fatigues and they have multi functions as well. Since they are designed around the digital media they do have 3D capabilities, and produces a sharper image as well such as an optimal camera does. I came to think that maybe the computer glasses that you mentioned above may actually be in the works because I was unaware that glasses were something to be pushed beyond their limits.

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