Pushing Material Limits

How far can we push material limits and technology innovation? In a way, this class helps keep me updated with new technologies and innovative designs around the world. After Tuesday’s lecture, I decided to do some more research on some of the new technologies that were discussed in class while exploring other new designs. I specifically looked at the Ductal ultra-high performance concrete and the Rinspeed sQuba concept car (Because of my passion for cars).



The more I tried to get information about this type of technology, the more questions I had. This image is one of the most amazing display of technology innovation I have seen in a while. Bridges are typically made out of steel, mostly because of it’s ability to compress, span longer distances, and flexibility. Who would have thought that with the mixture of Cement, Silica Fume, Sand, Water, Superplasticizer, and Fiber Reinforcement, you are able to make a bridge out of concrete that bends like a U- shape? This just goes to show that technology has come a really long way from when cables were used to span the length of bridges (Brooklyn Bridge), to a new technology like this made solely out of concrete.

Just when I thought everything about the James born movie was fake, I actually read about a car that was built to go off the road, and into water. The automotive industry is one of the constant developers of new innovations. It seems like every week, there is a new car that does something spectacular.


The brief video of how the car works left me speechless. I feel like this kind of technology opens more doors of endless innovations. I am sure the makers of this car are a long way from getting it approved to be sold to the general public but it leaves me  to imagine how one day there will be traffic under water at  the Mississippi river because a lot of people have cars that operate like submarines.

It is amazing to see all these new technology and how it is changing our world. However, as we learned in class, some of these technology can be disruptive and can endanger our lives. However, in order to continue to move forward with the creation of new technology and innovation, we have to take chances and push some materials and applications to their limit.


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