Are Foamed Metals here to Stay?

For the past couple of years, the popularity of foamed metals has slowly been on the rise. Some of its biggest assets include the fact that it is such a lightweight material, and has a much lower density than solid metal panels that have been previously used. Appearing as a hard, metallic sponge; the material grabs our attention with its striking, dramatic appearance. It has a raw, industrial, edgy look that grabs our attention. When we think of a metal, we typically think of a strong, sturdy, solid form. Not something that is filled with pockets of free space, resembling something flimsy, weak like a sponge.

Once we get past the visual shock of this material strategy, we can begin to learn more about why this method of producing metal is so great. Some of these benefits include the fact that the material is non-combustible, its melting point is extremely high, offers sound absorption and is fire resistant. These materials have also been so popular due to their 100% recyclability rate. They also have ambient effects when backlit.

Overall, there seems to be a slow increase in the use of foamed metals. From the topics discussed, it is easy to understand why this new material technique has grown so much in popularity. In general, foamed metal is a more environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional option for metal use.


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