Ready for the Space Life?

The steel or metal, I believe, contributed the most of technology evolution since last century. When I first saw the movie “The Fifth Element”, I thought I will never be able to witness that kind of scenery in my life. However, these days, I have no doubt that I will be able to witness the kind scenery from the movie “Star Wars”. Things we imagine now will be come true in few decades. So what is the most imaginative fantasy you can ever think about?

The latest news I heard about science was that the Mars Rover “Curiosity” have found the evidence that Mars once had a river stream. That news came to me as a shock because from that point, it will somehow provide us to have a space life in near future. Vatican might be super nervous and should pray to not finding living forms in Mars because it would counter the bible.

People might be super exciting to witness the other life form in other planet while they are on the earth. Technologies such as Wireless phones, online classes, flying vehicle and face-to-face calling (and it’s free with iPhone) are what I wrote about essay topic ‘possible technologies in 100 years’ when I was a middle school student.

Designers always think and create innovations and so does scientist and we should soon prepare our trip to the space. We were always dreaming about something in the past but it is difficult to dream fantasy these days because the technology development has exceeded my imagination. Space life is the most imaginative fantasy I can think of. So let me ask you guys, what is the most creative future life style you can think of??


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