Keeping Up With the Joneses

With the new push for LEED certified buildings, or smart grid infrastructure in today’s age, I find it a little outrageous that after listening to a recent lecture by Rahul Mehrotra, the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani, just built his dream home. What’s so special about this home? It’s a 100,000 sq. ft, 27-floor building that costed over 1 billion dollars and will house an additional 600 personal caretakers. In a country like India where the population is constantly rising, and housing is limited as is, why would someone fathom that it is acceptable to build a home like that. I understand “keeping up with the Joneses,” but this is a whole new

level of unfortunate.

A quote by Ratan Tata in a Times of India article sums up the feeling of many in India about the building, “an example of rich Indian’s lack of empathy for the poor.” Instead of investing money into creating a better lifestyle or homes for many people in India, Ambani’s home does the exact opposite by limiting the amount of people to live there, unless of course, you work to keep his home in good condition.


Sadly though, this is not something that we don’t see everyday over here in the United States as well. Instead of people building efficient homes that help to limit the damage we are doing to this fragile Earth, it seems when you drive through neighborhoods, people are always competing to see who has the biggest home, or most garage stalls in comparison to their neighbors. So I leave you with a question, when houses are constantly going up that are inefficient, the most drastic case being Ambani’s Antilla home, when are we going to stand up and tell these people that we don’t have the space to keep building the way we are?


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