Why Recreate the Past, When You Can Define the Future

When we as a group first sat down and began to plan out how we were going to tackle this project, it seemed like the answer was pretty obvious as to what material to pick. We had walked around the site of the new Physics and Nanotechnology building and began to realize that masonry brick was the over dominating material in all of the surrounding buildings. Even the new recreation center expansion included brick in its main façade design. An idea was sparked through one of our group members on our walk back to Rapson Hall that completely changed the idea of our façade materials.

The idea of brick is a very rigid, stiff, and heavy material and when you think of physics and nanotechnology, motion, light, and airy are all feelings that we agreed where applicable. Instead of now choosing brick as our main façade material, glass became the front-runner in our study.  We came to the conclusion though, that brick would not be eliminated completely from our design but only be used as a cladding material that would hide the structure of the building. The image below details that final design of the façade.

If given the opportunity to go back and study this project in further detail, we would attempt to establish if the brick was truly necessary in the building design. That was an idea presented by Professor Brownell during class today.  We would also most likely re-develop our matrix diagram to better study the multitude of materials that we had discovered through our initial research phase of the project.


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