Varia Ecoresin

Varia ecoresin is an organic and post-recycled material. Because this material is plastic-like the possibilities are limitless when it comes to aesthetic and to a certain degree functionality. Partially due to being a post-recycled product, Varia ecoresin is a green product that does less harm to the environment than other materials. It has many benefits such as its light weight, and very customizable options.

For the nanotechnology building facade, our group considered this material for some of the benefits mentioned and others positive aspects of the material. We enjoyed the possibility of having a facade that is completely different from most other buildings. This idea came from the desire to portray the nanotechnology field as a growing industry that has a high level of technology.  The resin material has many benefits that would work well for an exterior however, there were some important factors that would make this material have a detrimental effect for exterior use. Because of Minnesota weather fluctuations, this material would have been a bad choice because of possible distortion effects in high heat or an excess of moisture. Hot summers and heavy snow falls are not great for this material.
Interior usage, however, would be a nice display of technological advancement.

example of versatility of the material


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