Snip and Pick!

In order to select the best material for the Physics and Nanotechnology Building, it is important to understand the building before making any progress. Observation is one of the most essential key before deciding on which material to use for the building. By observing the building, we were able to get an understanding of our objective, before proceeding. From there onward, we also take notes on the surrounding of the future building of Physics and Nanotechnology.

When selecting a material, it is important to consider the reason on why one material is selected and another is not, as it a process of developing new knowledge in understanding the materials. As a group, we decided to focus on the style and similarities of the surrounding building’s scheme, but also the sustainable side of the materials, since the building will be going through several different kind of weather condition.

After being able to narrow the decision of the material down to three different options, in which we would consider to use for the building. We look at the three different materials more in-depth, considering how the material is practical, is it affordable or not, its sustainability and innovations.

Overall, all building can have several idealistic materials that can be elected for one building. However, there is also so many condition and reasoning why one or another can be preferred. In order to find that favored materials, it required a very deep in-depth of investigating and understanding of all materials.



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