Relating Architecture

Technology is helping create materials that are so innovative, they turn out actually to be too much focused on creating something unique, they create something not so functional and so obscure it does not speak with its surrounding landscape. Something for example like the Kinetic Landscape we found. On the contrast, there are material companies creating material that is real innovative and fits with its surroundings much like the Terra Cotta and Ventilated Facade we chose.



Here’s a great link to show you how it works…


When choosing materials, we were concerned firstly with which materials would be innovative  and logical, but we also wanted the building to speak to its surrounding.We analyzed what buildings were around where the new Nanotechnology and Physics building would go, such as Akerman, Keller, The Civil Engineering Builder, Rapson, and the renderings for the new Rec Center. We noticed a high use of glass specifically in the remodeled part of Akerman. The addition to the Rec Center also features a lot of glass so we wanted to make sure that our building also had these characteristics. Once we found the glass that suited us, Bio-Glass, we wanted to give it an added factor to make the building visually unique. Also since it is a science and nanotechnology building, it is good to have the building look technologically advanced to a point. This how we arrived at choosing a mixture of Bio-Glass and the use of Photovoltaics.

We also noticed that there was a lot of brick in the surrounding buildings. We went against using brick because we found Terra Cotta to be much for durable and sustainable. To make the building relate to the surrounding buildings, we had to be creative of how we use the terra cotta. We noticed that the bricks create a texture just as the copper on Rapson creates a horizontal texture. To mimic this but with our material, we did research and found that the terra cotta comes in small pieces that can be of different shades. This allowed us to create a texture by using different shades and pieces of the terra cotta giving it similar to a brick looking facade.

Overall, we feel that we did a good evaluation of surrounding buildings and creating an exterior that will fit with the other buildings on campus. We feel that it will also have a unique look which suits its program of a science and technology building.


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