Real vs. Faux Brick, Which is Better?

Faux brick has been a creative illusion, fooling people for decades. If you were to point to a brick building on the street and ask a stranger whether it was real of fake, I assume most would think it was real. I myself did not know the difference until I began to do more research on the topic. Comparing the two techniques, it is somewhat easy to see their differences. Faux brick looks very nice and neat; perfectly set in a uniform pattern. On the other hand, laid brick does not have the same flawless appearance. It is uniform to a certain extent; with the natural imperfections that come with human error. It is has a look about it that cannot be duplicated. I believe this adds a lot of character to buildings. Something else to consider when comparing the two is practicality. Faux bricks typically come in pre-assembled panels, making instillation fairly simple. Laid bricks require much more labor. Faux bricks are also lighter, cheaper, more durable, and tend to handle weather better. Contrarily, real bricks tend to crumble over time. They also absorb moisture which allows organic material to grow in and around them. It is also difficult to find experienced contractors who know how to lay brick properly; and those who can tend to be very costly. Based on these comparisons, real brick has a lot of character that I personally like; however, when thinking practically, faux brick is just the better choice.


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