No more Brick

It always bothered me that most of the materials used on the buildings on campus was brick. I think brick has an old feeling, and if used on a newly designed building, it could take away from it’s beauty. After I saw the new STSS building on campus,it only reaffirmed my position that this campus needs a mixtures of building material and more innovated materials rather than just using brick and glass. The STSS building is my favorite building on campus, and I admire the use of innovative materials. When given this assignment, I felt we should do something similar to the STSS building and try to apply some sustainably and nano technology to it.
Incorporating a Photo-Engraved aluminum panel to a building is typically done for aesthetic purposes. My group mate and I choose this material because it is an innovative material, and we felt it will provide a great viewing attracting and would be great for a physics building. After carefully considering it’s pros and cons, the photo engraved aluminum panel felt like the best material to choose.
It’s ability to be stable in all temperatures especially in our cold Minnesota weather was one of the considering factors. Its energy efficiency and unlimited recyclability, was a very important aspect we looked into, especially it’s stainability. There were many pros than cons to this material, and it we felt it will be great for its location, considering it will be surrounded by brick buildings.


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