Material Selection

In the process of a product design, no matter in what field of profession, selecting the best materials is the key to success. A good analysis of all considering materials, building up a matrix for criteria is far more important. However, thinking about what or who raises this problem is necessary. Maybe that we are facing this problem because we have so many choices and they are beneficial at different aspects; maybe it is because choosing the right materials shall meet the environmental requirements. More and more, designing is not only a production procedure, but also a technique that comes out of a professional advising on environmental protection, materials science and so on.

The ability to choosing the best building materials, for architects, is critical. Architects should have a good sense of different materials’ properties, based on an amount of research. This is important and fundamental for the selecting process. More recently, clients begin to have this encourage and need that they want the materials are going to be applied to be as cheap as possible because of variable reasons. Labor cost, environmental cost, economical recession and more are forcing designers to consider not only the best but also the most affordable. This complex and challenging issue has been placed.


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