Integrating Glass

Since I’m a little confused on what we are actually supposed to blog about, I’m just going to go with integrating another material my group studied into our design.  That material is glass.

At the beginning of the project I initial thoughts were that we definitely needed to go with something different then the brick which appears almost everywhere on campus.  I also thought it would be very interesting to go with a completely curtain wall system similar to the Centre Pompidou.  I wanted to reflect physics and nanotechnology by revealing the way that the building works.  However, after completing our survey and matrix, we decided to go with the Photo-Engraved Aluminum.  I believe this was the correct choice for the building, but I think there were many interesting things that were learned about the aspects of glass that would enhance the building

Although we thought it would bee to expensive to use glass as the primary material for this project there are ways that the glass can be used to assist in the functions within the building.  The first is window tinting.  By tinting the windows, we could improve upon the energy efficiency, reduce glare and protect against fading.  Another quality is that we can help keep what’s going on in the classrooms and labs private.

On the flip side, within the building itself the laboratories must remain unaffected by noise and other disturbances from the outside world.  However, wouldn’t it be interesting if there were viewing areas where we could see the research being performed?  We could use soundproof glass to help achieve this, but it would have to be at the discretion the persons conducting the research.  (Another thing that could be considered is window frosting that can be controlled at the flip of a switch.)

Aside from the window frosting, at least to my knowledge, all of this could be attained from a local company called Sun Control.  They are already familiar with our campus, having worked on several projects here.  Here is their site


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