Everything is perfect on the internet…right??


Many buildings around our country and the world have utilized copper as a building façade material.  Right here on our own campus we can see the effect of copper as a building material on Rapson hall.  Copper has many attractive properties that can draw architecture and designers to utilize it on facades.  Some positive qualities of copper are: lightweight material, natural material from within our earth, no harmful protectants needed to coat the material, maintenance free and many others.  In theory all of those point are very true about copper, yet we as researches and learners often times miss out on important facts such as that Copper is actually mined from the earth in a very disturbing and harmful way, does that still make it a good material to use?

Doing research on a specific topic can often times be hard by just using the internet alone. Half of the websites that students visit in order to get information on specific topics are there for selling things, and obviously if a website is selling copper they are only going to give you the positives regarding the material.  Websites such as Copper Development Association gives many positive facts about copper and discusses in depth how “Green” and sustainable copper is, but does not once mention how copper is truly mined and the negative effects caused by this mining process.

Doing research on the internet is not really as time saving and simple as many students think.  When doing research on the internet students should think to themselves, using copper as an example, if this material is this great and perfect then why is it not used on every building façade? When questions like that arise researches can then deep into the subject deeper and find the real truth.




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