Building Trends (pun intended)


One form of façade that is becoming increasingly popular in today’s buildings is the ventilated façade, or the double skin façade. This isn’t so surprising based off of the benefits that are associated with having such a skin wrapped around a building. Not only does that 2cm to 2-meter gap help conserve thermal energy and save the owner a few bucks on their heating bill, but ventilated facades have also proven to be great sound insulators from the outside world. As for the process that goes with installing them you might be able to save yourself some time and therefore money in this area as well. Because of the industrialized nature of these facades, installation is quick and organized with no mortar involved, making there less chance for employee screw-ups. Another convenience with double skin facades is the relative easiness of maintenance, where if one section of the building were to get cracked or damaged, you could easily replace the affected tiles rather than needing to replace or patch the whole wall. One of the biggest reasons why I believe these facades are becoming so popular in today’s society is because of the versatility associated with them. This system of façade does not limit the type of material you have to choose from, options that are most often used include wood, stone, ceramic, and terracotta, but as the market for these facades grow so do the materials available to it, such as stainless steel and now even photovoltaic tiles can even be found.


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