Technology the Good Within the Bad

We as a society have reached a point where we have become so dependent on technology to guide us through our daily lives that most people would feel very uneasy leaving the house without some form of technology to guide us, be it our smart phones, laptops, or GPS’s. But one thing people fail to realize about their precious technology is the impact that it has on the earth, and the price that it costs to mine for the oil that is used to make their phones that they will most likely replace within 2 years. But because we are at a point where we could not imagine a world without all of our fancy gadgets we persist in continuing on in this trend.

In the article “The Benefits of Technology are Diminishing” Cox makes a point that our dependence on technology could be our downfall and how many of the problems we face today have been either directly or indirectly caused by the technology we as a society pursue. I agree with this statement for the most part but because we are at a point where there is little chance of turning back we must look forward and exploit the benefits we can gain from technology.

In this aspect we have already started, many companies are now turning to environmentally friendly ways to conduct their buildings and business so that they can do a small part to reduce their carbon footprint. With technologies such as LED lights, high-efficiency toilets, and solar paneling we can start finding more sustainable ways to keep the technologies we are so dependent on with less guilt.


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