If it looks like granite and acts like granite…does that mean it is really is granite?

The topic of material authenticity is very interesting to me, as I think there are certain situations where material authenticity really does not matter at all, and other times where I think it matters a large amount. One example in which I think material authenticity does not really matter is in personal homes. Every person is different and has vastly different styles and tastes. In our discussion in class on Thursday someone had made the point that some people may want to achieve a certain look, but may not be able to afford that aesthetic look.  This type of situation in my mind is when material authenticity does not matter.

One interesting product that I discovered a few months ago when I was helping my friend re-do their house, is spray on counter tops.  This product I thought was amazing! As with many college students and young adults, we tend not to have a great deal of extra money, and this is how my friend discovered this spray on counter tops. Her house had concrete countertops and she really liked the look of granite countertops (who doesn’t), but she did not have the money to spend on totally new countertops. In her case she did not care about material authenticity, because in a money crunch if it looks like granite and acts like granite…who is to say it is not.  The cost of this pray on counter top was around 20 dollars a can.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you can create that beauty at a much cheaper price then I say go for it.




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