Turning Pollution into Cement

As many of us know, cement has been a rapidly growing building material within the last Century and is now one of the most common building materials in the world today, but what many of us may not know is how a new innovative and sustainable strategy for creating cement is beginning to make it’s name in the world. That name is Calera. The Calera Company has recently made its name to the world by discovering a process of making cement that actually uses the carbon dioxide in the air to create cement rather than adding more in the process. It does this through a process that uses Ocean water to transform Carbon dioxide into Carbonates and from there mixes with calcium and forms a solid that can then be used as cement. The founder of this project, Brent Constantz, describes the inspiration for this cement as being biomimicry, and that he drew his inspiration from how coral reefs create their skeletons. Now rather than creating roughly one ton of  CO2 for every ton of cement created we can now sequester one half ton for every ton created. I believe this discovery will have a huge impact on environmental practices in the future. This is a massive step towards creating a more sustainable way of life, not only because of the implications having an environmentally friendly cement will have, but also because of how this will encourage others to look for hidden solutions to the problems in the world today.


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