Granite and the Gap

For some time now I have been debating on whether authenticity really matters or if look-alikes are just as good but for a better price and sometimes for a better environmental cause.  My opinion regarding authenticity is that authenticity does matter to a certain degree. Without companies trying to make cheaper copies, the general population would not have access to the pleasures of having things that look nice. One may argue that something that looks nice is not necessarily the better option since durability or capability may be an issue however; there are always different levels of knock-off brands or materials for any material. Even within a material, there are variations within a material that is considered to be the better or worse of that.

Consider granite. It is a strong and beautiful material that is used in many aspects of construction, usually an aesthetic functionality is chosen so that the material doubles as a surface of some kind like floor, wall, or counter, but also as something that is pleasing visually because of its inherent beauty. The cheaper alternatives may be different forms of granite, quartz alternative, or simply a plastic veneer. For the purpose of function and aesthetics, the veneer gets the job done for a much more reasonable price. Quartz is a popular alternative to granite, and within granite, small grain granite is cheaper than a large grain. This could be considered as a more affordable branch off of a brand that is not quite the same but carries the name and some aspects of the brand. For example, a well-known clothing company like Gap operates on several scales of price. Although it is one company, Gap has brands that are more luxurious like Banana Republic, analogous with a large grain thick piece of granite, and also affordable brands like Old Navy, comparable to a thin and small grain granite. Authenticity is important if it is reachable, but if the reachable alternative is not quite the best, then maybe a more reasonable alternative may suit a project.

Gap is the overall company and has different scales of affordability, just like granite and other materials.


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