The city where I am from originally has lack of green spaces that make people feel nostalgia of nature. Imagine 24,000,000 people are living in 605.28 km^2 (233.70 sq mi) land (4 times bigger than Minneapolis), the density of population is extremely high. The solution for this problem resulted to have skyscraper-like apartment everywhere in Seoul city. Few decades ago, due to apartment construction boom in Seoul, people did not care to have a green land in the city. It seemed the city was lifeless because there were only cold concrete buildings all around. Nowadays, people are considering having green spaces in the apartment. Not only the parks, human made waterfalls in the apartment gave residents enjoyment of getting closer with nature. What would be the difference between faux building materials and this human made waterfall? I would say they might against some nature law but they do no harm to people but give benefits. Faux materials like brick or stone helps construction workers to finish the building fast and save money. They have techniques to finish building with real materials but they prefer not because it is our trend now; cheaper, faster and better.

Faux materials and human made landscape gets more delicate, precise, functional, and look real as time passes. Maybe it would be the designers’ and architects’ job to find out solution how to use faux material at its maximum efficiency.


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