Fake or Real Space

Fake wallpaper can lend huge possibilities to interior design flexibly. What I mean by fake wallpaper is wallpaper that looks like a wall of bricks or tiles, concrete, or wood. I think that using fake materials for the part of architecture can be a good decision, as long as it is done tastefully. Architects may want to consider using these fake materials, because they are more economical and sustainable than their real counterparts. These days, fake wallpaper has become increasingly popular, which in turn has increased the variety of choices and costs in fake wallpaper, making it easy to access and enjoy in restaurants, businesses, or even in a personal apartment. The concept of fake wallpaper is quite innovative and can even help us to sustain some natural resources, such as wood. The quality of these fake wallpaper’s, as they become more popular, are getting better each year, to the point where many people may not even notice that the room they’re sitting in is not made of expensive wood, but just concrete covered in a tasteful wallpaper. This new method of decoration has become a key aspect for interior design, as its more affordable pricing and vast variety can open a whole new world of possibilities to decoration. Fake wallpaper can even make normally impossible application (as some architectural designs cannot support the type of material the designer may want) not only possible, but also affordable and easy. Fake is not always negative; many people are willing and enjoy using convenient and cheap things, even if these are not real. Even though some people still prefer to use the real materials over their fake counterparts, at least a more economical and attainable choice is now available to everyone, which I think is a wonderful thing.


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