Fake? No problem!

Can you tell which one is fake? And, which one is real?

Nowadays, faux and imitation are starting to be more and more common, whether it is just fake eyelashes or designer clothes, humans are relatively getting more comfortable with them. Many of these fake products create opportunity for many people to be able to afford all these merchandise.

Even daily necessities are not the only product that are starting to become a false or imitation, but also building material. Several building materials such as brick, glass, and mineral are commonly starting to be widely used between designers. Faux materials are typically must easier to install, lighter, more portable and comparatively cheaper than real organic materials.

But does it matter? If the materials that, us, designers are using isn’t real? Honestly, I think it depends on the situation. But if the materials are usable and reliable, plus sustainable, why not give it a try? I, honestly, don’t see any harm in using imitation materials, especially if there isn’t any difference in using the real materials.


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