Concrete technology has lived through decades. As more and more kinds of concrete have emerged in the market, concrete has been taken much further beyond other building materials. It has a variety of functions, aesthetics and applications. The Ronchamp designed by Le Corbusier was built by reinforced concrete; its extraordinary exterior is formed by this amazing concrete. Of course, reinforced concrete is one of the materials that represent the modern architecture and the revolution of industrialization.

Another outstanding example of architect who uses reinforced concrete as his major is Tadao Ando. He is really into using reinforced concrete for his most building designs; and he even makes this ordinary material more beautiful than we could imagine. One of his works is the Church of the Light, which was constructed by extremely clean and high-qualified reinforced concrete. This rare relationship between the nature light and this industrial material has been found by Ando, which forms a sacred space.

The new technology allows more thinking. Bio-concrete is one of the new concrete technical achievements. This new technology gives the old material “life”, self-healing. Henk Jonkers designed this new material that is contained with bacteria that allows the concrete to heal itself when there is cracks.
Variable applications have been made to the design of new concrete. This most often used civil material has its long life of being under innovation.


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