Brick Wall or Brick Façade?

BRIKit: Brick and Rail System

The Australian company BRIKproducts offers a brick and rail façade system called BRIKit. BRIKit works by attaching metal rails to the wall you want to look like a brick wall, then thin, light weight clay bricks are attached to the rails. Once put up you apply mortar between the bricks to give it a realistic look. In all honesty, it looks like the real thing and it provides the benefits of having a brick surface, particularly durability and heat absorption. But it is still not a conventional brick wall so it does not provide any structural benefits.

Now since this is not really a brick wall it does bring up questions about material authenticity. It is brick and mortar and it expresses itself as such, so in a way it is being honest in that respect. But since it is applied to an existing structure it can deceive the observer into believing that the wall is constructed with that material, while it is not. For some this could be an issue, but I personally feel that the system is ingenious and can provide a lot of benefits, especially since it can be installed onto existing buildings. So in this case I find that material authenticity in not necessary, for while it may not be honest to those observing it, it is still a worthwhile and beneficial product.


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