Blatantly Artificial Limbs

In an age where it’s possible to make plastic look like metal or give buildings the look of brick with a simple veneer, there arise issues of what it means to have an authentic material. Emerging technologies like 3D printing have begun to revolutionize how we design and build. Industrial designer Scott Summit took this new innovative fabrication process to the field of artificial limbs. Instead of trying to make the prosthetic look as though it were a real leg, Bespoke Innovations is “unapologetically artificial”. By taking photos from various angles of the client’s real leg, they are able to mirror it over so that any design modifications made to the new leg are based off of that client’s specific body symmetry. From there the client is asked about personal interests, passions, etc.. The prosthetic is then 3D printed in one piece and given to the client. In a world where we can make anything look like anything else, should we seek to mimic or to break free from the mold and do something completely different with the technology at our disposal?

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