Why “raw”?

Rapidly changing technology allows more than we could follow. Building material has welcomed its revolution. Scientists reinforce all currently existing materials through years, providing us more strengthened building materials. However, some other material innovators they insist on developing and explore the new possibility that using “raw” materials replacing industrial productions.
There is a new architectural materials coming into the market, Sea Balls.(NeptuTherm) They are known as Neptune balls compound with seaweed fibers. Interestingly and importantly, this material does not rot or harm to human. As a raw material, Sea Balls are sustainable and suitable for building insulation.
Conventional building or industrial materials are the major energy consumers; so much energy and power are being used in the process of producing these materials. Extracting, processing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation and use, this conventional material production cause huge energy waste and damage to the environment. Speaking raw materials dose not mean we replace every existing industrial material into natural things. It is an idea that, even in the architectural world, sustainable material design is important as the others. However, assuming there are certain kinds of raw materials we can use for now, the performance of natural material is problematic. But this idea of being sustainable is far more important. It drives the energy and passion of material-technical innovators.


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