Manipulation of Materials


Depending on the architectural style one is trying to achieve, the manipulation of the material can aid in such a goal. As long as the structure is not compromised by the manipulation of the material in question, one is free to pursue any avenue of creative design. For example, the Stadhaus within London made completely out of wood, from a further perspective, appears as if something was made completely out of stone. Another example would be the use of hardwood floor and laminate wood floor. Not many people can tell the difference between the two and utilizing laminate floor costs less as well as helping to prevent deforestation. The manipulation of materials can aid in the sustainability of natural resources of limited quantity.
The manipulation of materials is not always subject to mimicking certain materials to appear like another. An original material can also be apply for other means such as using it in a new or creative way to achieve a desire effect. For example, the Gantenbein Winery in Switzerland achieved its unique affect with the help of digital technology and the aid of a robotic hand making the brick form an image from certain angles. Regardless whether one is using manipulation to mimic certain materials or using the original to create new ways and methods, manipulation of materials itself is another tool at the hand of the architect.


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