Is Anything 100% Authentic?

           We are now in the age of imitation, what’s real and what’s fake?!  New technologies allow for imitation at its finest, from fake designer purses to fake teeth and eye color.   Without paying special attention to these imitations they can be looked past and easily mistaken for the real thing or intended purpose.   How many times a day do you walk past something deceiving to the eye?

Is it real wood?

Are they real diamonds?

Are they real fingernails?

          As for architecture, imitating traditional materials such as brick, stone, and wood is happening all around us. Some fake materials may have their disadvantages but new technologies show us that using these imitating  construction techniques can be efficient in many ways. Dry stacking stone veneer has become more and more popular among households and store fronts alike.  The imitating stone veneer made of polyurethane not only gives the appearance of dry stacking, but is more durable than real stone and has a high resistance to all forms  of damage such as fading, eroding, etc.  The imitation stone holds up against harsh climates, moisture, sunlight, and insects. So why not give it a try? It is easy and efficient to install without the help of a stone mason. This  veneer looks just as beautiful as the traditional dry stacking technique and as mentioned previously has benefits to using the faux panels.

authentic dry stacking

dry stack veneer

Architectural advancements are allowing buildings to be constructed in a matter of days rather than years because of the innovative ways in construction.  Authentic building materials do not always matter, sometimes they may have their benefits but new technologies are improving fake materials all the time.

faux panels 


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