It’s fake, are we really surprised?

There is all this talk about faux materials and designers now using the imitation. Personally, I am for the real thing when it comes to any product, but I am not surprised that fake has reached the design world. Are you? Fake products are not new to anyone. People sell and make fake, more so knock-offs, all the time of different brands.

It is illegal, but that does not stop anyone from doing it or buying them. So what is going to stop the design world if it is legal, cheaper and they can pull it off as the real-thing. So far it seems that all types of materials could be replaced with an imitation. Natural quartz counter tops are made of acrylic. Stone exterior walls are sections interlocked together, fooling the naked eye with its real aggregate and pigments. Companies even make composite decking that has a “real” grain pattern to give off the real idea. However, they are cheaper, more durable, easy to install and require low maintenance.

composite decking with grain pattern

An article I read explained that a firm uses them when communities cannot afford the real thing. The faux materials enable the firm and the community who want the real thing to have it but at a much lower price. As time continues, these materials are only going to advance even further and become even harder to depict whether or not they are real. Even if designers are all about using the true material, cost my come in to effect and something may have to change. Ultimately, no matter what is said about these new faux materials, we cannot stop what is happening if there are true advantages, and we should not be surprised.



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