Useful Technology

To say that technological innovation is not essential to the advancement of society is a very false statement. Technological innovation is all around us, and has made its way into every profession.  The world that we are involved in today is bogged with many issues and crises, and without ever growing technological advancement we many never get out of these problems.  One simple way to look at technological innovation as creating a new opportunities and making a profession slightly easier is to look at the medical field. Doctors and nurses can now use hand held computer such as the Ipad when treating their patients. Not only does using this technology allow for quicker doctor visits, it also allows for doctors to give better responses with less investigation. John Messmer, MD explains how useful innovative technology can be, “Early in practice, if I had a clinical question to research, I had to go to the library, pull out multiple years of the Index Medicus, look up the topic, write down the references, go to the stacks and pull the volumes of journals, find the article, read the article, go to the copy machine and make a copy& if I were lucky, I would have my answer in about four hours.”  To think that essential these technologies could ultimately be saving someone’s life, because doctors have faster access to knowledge, and also more time, in my mind makes everything worth it.

The medical field is just one profession that has benefitted from technological innovation, and also needs continuing advances in technology in order to solve many of the problems that blog the medical field.  Illnesses such as cancer will only be able to be solved if we as a society keep evolving our technology into higher and higher realms.


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