Technology Takeover

It is unarguable that technology is a major part of life now. Much of technology has been made to help improve our lives.  However, just as a human makes simple mistakes, so can technology.

It’s scary to think that many occupations that used to be done by a human are quickly being replaced by robotics.


As Jimmy Guterman states in The Benefits of Technology are Increasing,“We build these time-wasting maneuvers into our daily schedule because of the perceived benefits,”. This means that a lot of our time is spent around knowing that technology may falter and how we plan on having a backup. What frightens me about this idea is that robotics are making an even closer relationship with humans. Robots to aid in surgery are becoming more common. It is common knowledge of the importance of precision during something as delicate as surgery. We learned in class briefly about a robot that can replace the traditional way of hand laying bricks and perform the job much faster and with more intricate design. A mishap with a brick laying machine might simply result in misplacement of a brick. But with something that is working with soft tissue of human organs, a malfunction on the machine might cause harm to the body it is working on. Where the robotic help in surgery generally allows a faster surgery time, the intuition and natural sense of a human mind resonates deeper within me in providing service.

I feel that the main issue is allowing technology to advance in order for human advancement, but we need to be careful how much it interferes with our lives.



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