Technology, Going Green

Human population inflation and resource deflation will soon cause the world’s resource to vanish within years due to overpopulated inhabitants. The rapid increases in human population will use up all of the world’s available resources. This is where technology will have to step in and help reduce the rapid consumption of human creatures.


Over the course of the years, technology has been a tool in helping the world improves by both increasing the efficiency of electricity and water and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. Many buildings and homes are going green and new technological innovations are now being used more commonly in buildings and homes to help lower mankind’s pollution.


Nowadays, many buildings and homes are starting to be more energy efficient to reduce the usage of energy. New technologies such as LEDs and low-energy appliances have contributed in saving energy. Water faucet, also have played a huge role in reducing water consumption by restricting the amount of water flow. In addition, many facilities have now installed various types of solar panels in order to create electricity as opposed to merely consuming it.


With these new innovations of technology, many people can take action and start going green. It helps reduce the amount of electricity, water, and such from being overused so that the supply will not decline as rapidly.  Not only does it reduces our usage, but also provides the futures with a greater amount of resource availability.


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