Pushing the Limits



Innovation is essential in the advancement of architectural technology.  The performance breakthroughs in architecture are discovered through exploration of pushing the limits and experimenting with new materials and using materials in a new way.  Disruptive innovations bring curiosity to the society by altering perceptions of the impossible through different material strategies. The Balancing Barn by MVRDV in Suffolk, England is obviously pushing the limits of structure and eliminating elements to create a feeling of meeting the impossible. Visual effects are pushed by carefully revealing and concealing different elements of architecture to produce different feelings.  Materials as well as building strategies are ever evolving, the Balancing Barn made use of a reflective facade to top off its innovative design strategies.  These innovations are not only crucial in the advancement of architectural technology, they shape society and human behavior by altering perceptions and sparking curiosity.Image 



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  1. I agree that material innovation is essential for the development and advancement of architectural practice. It pushes designers to constantly rethink what is possible and what can be accomplished with new technology. For example, during the 1930’s people never dreamed that buildings could be 8 or 9 stories tall because the technology was not present to achieve these goals. In today’s age, we constantly see buildings being built that push sixty or more stories and think nothing of it. Skeptics of technology thought Frank Lloyd Wright was insane when he developed the mushroom columns in the Johnson Wax Museum. He proved them wrong, and proved more that those columns could support much more weight than each column would actually support in the structure. Technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace and thus architectural practice is also changing at an even faster pace.
    In regards to the building that was placed into this blog, I question the practicality of the building, and if this building is actually practical to advancement of technology in architecture. It seems like the designers are almost showing off, rather than advancing the technology of architecture. Yes, the building is advanced in its design and its play with structure, but I am not sure this building is practical in applying the technological advancement in other future buildings to better the field of architectural practice.

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