Our lifestyle change

Technological innovations have continued to change our life style including our city. Think when we were children. Did we use computer like today? Or were there any smartphone? Recently, children naturally use smart phone or computer to play game or do their homework with their tiny hands. Likewise, we naturally turn on the computer, send e-mail, watch video or surf the internet. We cannot even imagine the life without it. Actually, almost everything that we naturally adopt is based on the technological innovation, and it makes our life easier and faster.



Likewise, the technological innovation largely changes our city. The elevator can be a representative innovation that directly influences the city. Before the development of elevator, most buildings are not higher than fifth floor. It is because people do not want to climb a stair every time. Imagine that we climb up the hundred floors by stair. It is clearly not possible. However, the development of elevator becomes a starting point for the skyscraper construction. Nowadays, skyscraper becomes higher and higher and its shape, and material becomes more various. Including the elevator, new types of materials such as steel frame, high strength glass, and reinforced concrete also contribute to make a building that we always imagine. 



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