Leading to New Technology

Electronic books, or E-books, such as the ipad and Kindle have become mainstream amongst readers nowadays, and have greatly impacted the way we read books. Readers can buy books anywhere and anytime, and they can find books by searching a title or a category, instead of wandering bookstores or libraries. Since these books do not require paper, they are available to the reader at a cheaper price than their paper counterparts, making reading more accessible to the general people. Storage isn’t a problem with E books: not only can people have hundreds of books with them wherever they are (at no extra weight), but when moving or doing some spring cleaning, book owners don’t have to weed through which books they want to keep and which they don’t, since keeping books on an E reader has no impact on space. I’m in favor of E books because they get rid of paper, which is better for the environment, but even more importantly, I think that E books are important to have in order to keep up with the current society. We’re busier than ever now, and we require things to be fast and accessible (preferably digital as well). E books are a product of this need, and I think that everyone should eventually switch over to them, not only to acquire the personal benefits, but I feel that adopting them as our main form of book will conform to current societal expectations and functions, contributing to the ever progressive development and growth of technology and “civilization.”


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