Is all Innovation Good for Society?

Everyone acknowledges the good that technology and innovation has on our society but, the negative qualities are always overlooked.  Innovation does have great potential considering how much the world has evolved due to it.  People can commute from one place to another in almost no time, research and gather information a lot faster, communicate in many different forms, provide tons of entertainment.  Innovation has done so much for the world but, it has drawbacks to every good deed that it has done.

Innovation has crippled many people in society one way or another.  Being able to commute from one place to another by means that does not involve any effort has contributed to obesity.  There are some who no longer get that exercise that was once mandatory before the use of automobiles because, they no longer have to walk to their destination.  It is not just physically that people have become crippled.

Educationally people are deeply dependent on a computer to do the work for them.  It is great to have endless information at the palms of your hands but, do to that many do not know how to gather information on their own.  Many students no longer know how to maneuver their way through a library to gather the information required an assignment.  The ability to know how to cite the work found is a lost cause because, there are programs that will do that for a student now.  Being proficient at spelling is no longer mandatory.  Smart phones, tablets, laptops and more are all programed with an autocorrect program which makes it nearly impossible to spell a word wrong.  They have taken away the pride to know something for one’s self.

Many innovations were designed to connect people everywhere, it has but, is has separated people more than ever.  Tons of people do not interact with others physically anymore, everything has become digital.  There are some that use these innovations to create their own society to keep from people that are in the real society.  People no longer meet in social settings, dates are being done online, group work is being done via emails, and applications for jobs are submitted electronically.  The need to physically interact with others has been eliminated and that is something that is essential to maintain a society.


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