Innovation and Human Survival

Humans are curious beings that constantly seek out a solution to everything.  New objects are no longer our main point of interest, but the process that leads to the creation of an object that contains our attention.  We are constantly seeking change, and we are never satisfied with what we have.  We seek for faster solutions of things, yet the amount of time it takes to create a solution far surpasses the time if we’ve done it ourselves.

For centuries, our society has gone through numerous types of innovation. We have created more effective products that are useful to the market, government, and most importantly to our society. Innovation has created more simple ways to do things.  For instants, communicating through text messages as well as online social networking. There is no longer a need for physical appearances to be made. It is quite convenient to hold a business conference overseas without having the inconvenience of boarding a plane.

We constantly seek for improvements, which bypass that aftermath of our actions.  Due to the mass production of products as well as other industrial inventions, and an insatiable appetite for the “newer and better” product,   we are causing irreversible harm to our planet.  The pollution of air quality and in combination with greenhouse gases is deteriorating our ozone layer at an alarming rate, and causing global warming.  As with all natural resources being finite, we would be wise in learning to better conserve what we have until we find other means of a permanent solution to our energy needs.   It should also be noted that it would be in our best interests as human beings to protect our precious planet and respect the power and beauty of nature by using “greener” methods in everyday of our lives.

The innovation of technology is ingrained within our society and we cannot do without it.  Though there are negative outcomes at times, it is something we have to live with until someone has that one idea that can literally change the world.


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