Emerging Trends

Architects and designers play a huge role in technology innovation. This is done through their design styles and techniques, and by constantly pushing material or design limits. The Talee Isetan shopping center in Taiwan had its facade renovated in 2008. The aim of the new deign was to “forge visual links with the star place building, while simultaneously affording the building its own individual identity and display towards the city”.

Just like the examples used in class, we can see that the facade of this building employs innovative ideas and uses the arrangement of the  panels strategically. They are used for aesthetic purpose as well as playing a function on the building in terms of temperature control and dealing with the weather elements. The curved pattern results from the twisting lines from horizontal to vertical, compared with the variation in the dimensions of the darker spaces between the panels. As an architecture student I can imagine how many prototypes and test models were made to come to a final design.
Similar patterns can be seen in other buildings which affect the overrall shape of the building. One of my favorite architects in Frank Ghery is known for his innovative ideas which can be seen in buildings such as the Weisman Museum, and Guggenheim museum and many of his other works. As an architecture student, it can be very challenging to come up with an idea and make it to work and sell a client on the idea as well.

At the end of the day, Innovative ideas aids the advancement of technology, and the same can be said vice versa. Architects will continue to push design limits through materials and shapes. This is typically made possible with the advancement of technology and using the available resources.

Reference: http://www.unstudio.com/projects/talee-isetan


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